Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Weekend Tea Treats

Last Sunday saw one of the heaviest rainfall of the season.
It went on relentlessly throughout the day, thus making any outdoorsy activities pointless.
So we decided, at the eleventh hour, to invite some friends over for tea

I had to think hard and quick on the choices of food to prepare.
and, it occurred to me...
sprouting quietly in the dark corner of my kitchen cupboard 
were some sweet potatoes I bought weeks ago. 
I must have had a good reason to buy them then, but unfortunately I remember not now.
 With these root vegetables at hand, I decided to make good use of them -
before they turned my cupboard into a scene from a horror movie. 
MrD had been hinting (which I often ignore) about having Mee Rebus sometime...
He got lucky this time... just this once...

For dessert, I made a simple no-frill Pandan-flavoured Chiffon Cake
and Rambutan and Longan in syrup (with the help of a good can-opener)

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