Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Garden Updates - Around the Pond

Nothing much to report 
weather is still being very British...
With all the rain, I had to up my mowing activity to at least once a week

Much of my focus right now is in the area
surrounding the pond + the picnic table
I must admit, I've been neglecting that area for far too long
even the pond is now infested with an unholy invasion of weeds
We'll tackle that problem on another day, I say

Obviously, someone's not happy...


  1. Cantiknyaaaa..kalau dapat lepak2 golek2 kat garden ni mesti best..nyaman je rasa..huhu

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  2. Salam Muna.

    Cantik nyer. Memang la u ni green hand.

    1. as salam Norlyda
      terima kasih... sekarang ni bukan green hand lagi dah, my hand dah rupa sand-paper... tak boleh nak glamour bila jadi tukang kebun :)