Monday, 10 August 2015

Out and About ~ Leith Hall

It's been a while since my last update
as usual, or more unusually, things have been quite hectic in the OakenShield household
there were Eid invites near and far, we hosted a couple of lunches and dinners
and we also had friends staying over for holidays

After the frenzy, it seems I've entered a bit of a lull...
Now I'm back to the ordinariness of day to day living, keeping home and tending garden 
and not forgetting - keeping the blog updated regularly

To distract myself from how mundane my life has become (hahaha)
I've decided to reminisce on more exciting times: 
our visit to Leith Hall Garden and Estate
A stately home run by the National Trust


The moon gate

Attack of the midges!
This time 'round, the midges seemed to prefer Elsa and MrD over me
and for once I was not accosted by them insects for a change. 
It was a nice feeling!

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