Thursday, 10 September 2015

Garden Updates - Revamping Herbaceous Borders

Taking advantage of the relatively good weather we're having at the moment.
Knowing very well how the weather's like over here, it won't be for long

It was a spur of the moment decision... not!
The idea has been mulling in my mind for quite a while 
the bad weather had stalled my "project" on many occasions
So when the bad weather finally relented, with digging fork in hand 
I proceeded with my plan to dig out those unfortunate plants and move them about.

It was a back-breaking 2 days worth of digging, forking and heavy lifting.
The next batch of work will resume once I'm back from 
seeing Elsa safely tucked into her next new home in a few days' time.
Until then, this is how the unfinished make-over looks like....


Next in the line of fire will be the fiery red, orange and yellow plants
 Where I shall move them, I know not...
Possibly around the pond area??
Your guess is as good as mine

The row of laurels were removed and transplanted around the pussy willow tree


  1. Salam Muna,

    oo là là... hijaunya rumput dihalaman Muna, disini kampongulu semasa musim kemarau hampir ke semua rumput mengering kering, hanya sekarang semenjak airhujan turun baru tumbuh menyegar kembali. Kelihatan cantik campuran tumbuhan bunga yang Muna gabungkan bersama.

    Nanti-nanti Ratna akan cubai telephone ya.
    Salam mesra.

    1. salam Ratna
      I love, love, love your garden!!!
      I will wait for your call <3