Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Picnic in the Park

Well, we're in the month of September now
which means the end of summer   sob!

I don't remember ever having a proper summer this year
Felt so cheated

Regardless of all that, we managed to salvage the last of the holidays
with a fun get-together picnicking in the park
and later going to the Fringe festival

It was a good day out!

Before heading home, we stopped at the Forth Bridge
for a spot of picture taking
just like what good tourists would do

Some photos courtesy of Mrs Brown and Mdm See


  1. I spy with my little eye... anak hensem menyandaq kat pokok :p... boleh gu dgn anak dara baju oren no :P (melawak saja no)

    1. hahaha... itu omak duduk tengah-tengah, pegang bendera lagi... tara berani weii