Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Uni Life - Year 2

Just got home to a cold and quiet home.
We were greeted by an even more grumpy than usual Lolita.
After being left behind and home alone over the weekend, she decided to snub us.
Which didn't last very long, as she's easily bribed with lashings of warm susu
Team OakenShield is missing one team member
as Elsa resumes her life as a student for the second year down South.

MrD decided this time 'round to make the trip down at night
so as to avoid the heavy traffic we might encounter if we were to travel during the day.
Half-way through the journey, the sky opened to an almighty torrential rain
Thus making the journey even more delayed.
It took us well over 12 hours to get there.
This will prolly be the last time MrD drive the night-shift, methinks!

Finally, we reached our destination.
Before heading to Elsa's new accommodation,
we made plans to meet-up some dear friends over breakfast
Such fun!!!

The accomodation
Elsa will be sharing the apartment with four other young ladies.
The place is well-equipped with tv, washing machine, dryer, oven, stove, fridge,
microwave, dish-washer and other mod-cons 

Elsa's still-tidy bedroom
Her room comes with the all-important en-suite

Enjoy your second year in uni...
but don't forget to study!


  1. luaih and neat.
    Uni accommodation?

    1. It's a private accomodation... jom kita tengok lepaih depa masuk sebulan... neat or not? I think bapak gajah pun boleh sembunyi :D