Thursday, 1 October 2015

Garden Updates - Early Autumn

I know it's hard to believe
and I don't either
we're in Scotland, for pete's sake!

But, some of the best weather this year is happening right now!
It started last week and right till this very moment I'm typing these words (what am I doing, I should be outside sunning!) it has been a fabulous 8 days
- but who's counting -

We're experiencing one of the most beautiful balmy weather ever -
no rain, no strong wind, yes sun... yes AMAZING-NESSS!!!
But, if you have to look for the negs, yes, the days are getting shorter 
and those darn midges  are still out there
but what the hey.....enjoy!!!
Beggars can't be choosers



  1. Kak Muna OOO kak muna)))
    Awat cantik sangat ni
    Cunnyaaa lah haih
    Adore...... (sambil kelip kelip mata)

    1. thank you Dila
      ini pun dah kira on their way out... bunga-bunga leftover :)