Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Totally Quackers

It was a steep learning curve for me - taking on 5 ducklings
but, I do love a bit of challenge

The 4-week old Khaki Campbell ducklings came home with us on the 22nd September.
We got them from an organic farm run by a Dutch family here in Aberdeen

 The quack-capella
Sage, Mint, Dill, Thyme and Clove

For the last 3 weeks, they've been on a chick/duckling diet of poultry crumbs
and bucket loads of fresh water

This morning, being such a beautiful day, I decided that its high time they venture out of the confinement of their fenced-up little area. 
I was determined to take them across the garden to the pond.
They were obviously quite wary about doing the "long" walk waddle to what seem to be "the unknown"
After much coaxing and a bit of persuasion (and bribing), they did eventually followed me to the pond.

 still unsure...
who's going to go in first?

Like ducks to water - not as easy as it says!

They spent the best of the day, happily playing in the water
with me staying close by and keeping a watch over them whilst doing a bit of gardening.
Lolita playfully ambushed them at one point, but had to run for her life when they made so much noise and splashed water on her. 
Serves her right for being such a nosey-parker

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