Friday, 27 November 2015

Ladies Who Lunch

I say good things come in threes!
My family, my siblings
and more recently, the three lunches I had with my fabulous girlfriends

First lunch was at my bestie Mary's new Bed and Breakfast
She's only been there for 3 weeks and already her business has taken off to a flying start
We're so proud of you!

Lunch numero due was at my place
I made a starter of Oxtail soup
followed by rice and all its trimmings
We ended our lunch on a sweet note of cake and pudding
and not forgetting the all-essential photo session in the garden 

Our last lunch for the season was at Beyhan's beautiful home
situated in the plush Aberdeen burbs
We were lavished with a mouth-watering home-cooked Turkish fare
of couscous allsorts
I must add - her desserts were to die for!

Soon it'll be winter
when dark December glooms the day
but it will never take my autumn joy away


  1. argggghhh.....makan lagi !!! Ni yang buat cheq nak langkah panjang ni :P

    1. baru dok sembang dengan Mary Moh about you.... if only you dok dekat, we would have such fun times together! :D