Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Stichin' Time

Got to find me something to occupy my time
now that gardening has taken the seasonal step back.

Gosh, what is there to do?
I don't really feel like bringing out my easel and paintbrushes.
The painter/artist in me is in a deep coma and refuses to be awakened
I would love to bake something new and calorific on a daily basis
but who's going to eat them?

I was faced with a mini dilemma (insert dramatic music)
I was reminded that I used to indulge in the occasional needleworking not long ago
... about 15 years ago...
that was the last time the sewing machine was ever in use.
Even so, the sewing machine travelled with me wherever I went like a loyal puppy
hoping one day it would be of service to me!

My sewing basket has stuff that may require carbon dating:
threads that were used in my sewing classes during my school years
- we're talking about the punk rock early 80s
and they're still in good nick
What can I say, I was a weird child...


  1. Che Muna ni sungguh creative :D syok tengok.

    1. kalau dekat boleh kita buat projek together-gether....
      thinking of buat baju Kedah next :)