Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wild Geese

Family that waddles together
stays waddling together

While tending to my garden in the morning,
I spotted a family of wild Greylag geese 
slowly making their way across the field towards our pond.
They looked so nervous and seemed quite easily spooked 
Given this, I needed to move extra stealth-like to take these photos
of Ma and Pa Greylags and their 3 fluffy goslings.

Thank goodness Lolita was not a morning cat or all hell would definitely broke loose!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Garden Updates - Sleety Sunday

Four seasons in one day
how cool was that!

The day started off pretty much samey, samey -
sun was shining, birds were chirping, girl was sleeping, dad was contemplating the universe,
mom was muttering nonsensically...

It wasn't as if it came as big surprise
we were warned by those clever-dicks in the met office...
We should anticipate a day of sleet and hail and everything in between
but with the sun was still shining; we were optimistic - it wouldn't be that bad...

After sending our precious one to the airport, the weather started to turn
initially, it was just sleet

After a few hours, the wind started to pick-up
and the snowfall got heavier.
It was almost a total whiteout

The snowstorm continued for a further couple of hours
Eventually, it stopped just before dusk

Fast forward to today,
Monday morning
The sun is out again and the birds are chirping away
All's fine and dandy in the world
And we shall have spring again!