Monday, 15 February 2016

Garden Updates - Mid-Winter

The weather has been quite bearable over the last few days - 
a bit on the cold side, but without the biting wind.
I find myself slowly being drawn back into the garden.
I miss working in my garden.

Regardless of the weather, there are always things to do in the garden.
I find this to be the best time to do a  bit of weeding, provided the ground is not frozen.
The soggy ground makes pulling the most stubborn of weeds, easier. 
Besides, it's much easier to find the weeds whilst the perennials are still in the ground.
Apart from that, there are broken branches that needed pruning too, 
and it's best to do it while the trees and plants are still dormant.

Still, there's much colour to be found in the garden.
The signs of life are everywhere.
Mid-winter isn't so dull in the garden after all.

I enjoyed raking the aquatic weeds, dead leaves and broken branches from the pond.
I found it thoroughly therapeutic and it gave me a great sense of achievement - not long now 
til I have toned arms to match Michelle Obama lol 
And the ducks have been a tremendous help clearing the pond from the pesky duckweed

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