Thursday, 3 March 2016

Snow Spring

Let's face it ~
Spring will never come early in this part of the world
even though, meteorologically speaking, first of March is the first day of Spring.
We know Spring's around the corner when snowdrops arrive - last I checked, they're still deep in slumberland.

Came home last night to a white-washed, shaving-foamed landscape. 
We were away - MrD was on a business-trip with me in towed. 
The ducks stayed in the stable for the duration whilst Lolita had the comfier room and board. 

The ducks must have missed the pond so much, 'cos the moment the stable door was opened, 
they couldn't get out fast enough to get to the water. 
A small drama ensued when one of the female duck got separated 
from the rest of the gang in her bid to get to the pond. 
The snowy landscape must have added to the confusion 
and she ended up beyond our land and into the neighbours.
A frantic search and rescue followed and I'm happy to report she's now reunited with the others.