Friday, 8 April 2016

Garden Updates ~ Spring-Flowering Primulas

The weather has been - you've guessed it - awful!
We still have the cold-front coming in, bringing along with it rain, rain and more rain
When will this end!

So far, I've not done much work on the gardening front;
the ground is pretty much sodden from all the rain and I ended up making a right muck of everything.

In any case, we've been given a 2-day window of relatively good weather yesterday and today.
By good weather, I mean slight drizzle and occasional gusts of wind.
The sun did make a few appearances but it was not enough to warm us up.
Taking advantage of this 'fine' weather, I equipped myself with my trusted camera,
in hopes to find something interesting to shoot....
To my surprise, what I found waiting for me in the garden were
colourful bunches of primulas in almost every colour of the rainbow.


  1. A very delightful sight! Give the eye a relaxing therapy.
    The hot weather here makes me realised how much I missed the rain...

    1. I guess too much of anything is never a good thing... I'd love to have a week of sun and no rain. Wanna swap? ☺

  2. beautiful colour of flowers Muna, nice garden!!