Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Garden Updates - Oriental Garden

My Oriental-inspired Garden 
~ Eastern calm with minimal maintenance requirements

This garden is also known as Elsa's Corner
since she was the one who keep goading me for an Asian-style garden.
It started about a year ago when I planted 3 Phyllostachys aurea (golden bamboo)
More plants were added later -  Skimmia rubella japonica and Skimmia 'Fragrant Cloud' 
and Mahonia 'Soft Caress'

Turf was removed to create borders.
It's my silly-octopus crazy design border
or some say an organic-shaped border - a term coined by the professionals
an excuse when you just made a wonky-shaped border!

My initial idea of wanting to keep that area "green" by choosing evergreen shrubs
was defeated when I fell head over heels over one Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' and a Sambucus 'Suntherland Gold'. 
They were better choices than Acers as our area is prone to high winds.

Saxifrage were chosen to replicate those dense Japanese mossy thingy

2 Anemone pulsatilla vulgaris and 3 Helleborus shrubs
were relocated from another part of the garden
as with the 2 dwarf Fuji cherry trees.
I think they look a lot better here... almost feel like home!

Managed to rescue this Pieris shrub from certain death,
hopefully it'll do well here.

Finally, scatterings of Sedge grass (Carex hachijoensis 'Evergold')
and Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' to soften the look


 The finish look (for the time being)
Ask any gardener, gardening is a never ending occupation. 
There's always things to do in the garden.
We have a knack to seek out jobs even though there may be none...
That's just how we roll


Guess who else has been enjoying the garden apart from me! x


  1. cantiknya Muna bunga2 tu geram tengok
    bunga disini mmg menarik
    kalau boleh hari2 nak ambik gmbar bunga kan

    1. Betul kakNoor... saya yang lama tinggal kat sini pun terus ter-jakun jadinya bila nampak bunga.
      agaknya orang pun fed-up tengok blog ni... asyik-asyik bunga saja :D

  2. photos of miss Lolita have never failed to bring a smile on my face! she is just so gorgeous!

    Love, Yatie

    1. Thanks, Yatie.
      Nasib baik ada Lolita, taklah terasa sunyi sangat bila ber-gardening