Monday, 23 May 2016

My Garden Updates - Around the Pond

There's a burst of activity in the garden,
it's as if they're making up for lost time.
Nature has a great ability to compensate. 
With the fine weather we're having at the moment, everything is coming in a rush. 
In a few weeks we won't even know that spring was late.

Speaking of time and everything that concerns timing
my rather over-priced, and totally unreliable lawn mower started to act up again.
It's good timing though
as it coincides with the much-awaited (for me anyway)
Chelsea Flower Show
So, I'll just let the grass grow a little longer...
since I have a good excuse... nope, make that two good excuses...

Time to put my feet up for a change!

  Cherry and plum blossoms are out.
Absolutely glorious!

Acid-loving rhodos not quite in full bloom

Intruder alert! intruder alert!
Duck patrol making their rounds in the garden
Bunny wasn't impressed at all

" uh.. did someone mention bunny?!"


  1. cantiknya bunga2 di taman Muna
    macam2 ada dengan itik dan bunny lagi

    1. Kak Noor, bunny tu liar, masuk garden tanpa izin. Habis pokok rose dia buat ulam. Nasib baik Lolita nampak dan terus kejar