Sunday, 17 July 2016

Out And About - Drum Castle Garden

It's quieter now that Elsa has gone off for her summer internship.
Can't remember not having her around during this time of year
 that's because she has always been around during summer
It'll be my first summer without her
one of many, I'd expect...

It was a relatively okay day today
not too warm with gentle breeze and occasional sunshine 
We decided to spend the afternoon in a nearby National Trust garden.
It wasn't the quiet walk we intended when we reached there
Instead we found the garden was buzzing with activities -
zombie-fied humans running around with their smartphones
 Ahhh.... the craze has finally reached the island
We have found ourselves in the midst of several Pokemon hunters
It was hilarious!
My Pokemon hunting days will have to wait
as I've promised Elsa we'll be doing it together.

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