Monday, 8 August 2016

Belated Birthday Lunch

It's not often that I get to celebrate my 50th
In fact, it's a once in a lifetime occurrence
It will never happen again

So, I made an effort
which was unusual 'cos I've never really bothered about making my birthday a thing
(it would, most often, be left to MrD and Elsa to plan the day)
It was in a form of a 2-day labour of love
A Lemon Madeira Cake
with fondant and royal icing embellishments.
At the end of it, my fingers were sore
but it was worth it!

Over the weekend, we've invited some friends over for lunch
It was easily a 3 - 4 hours journey for them to make 
from their place in the Central Belt of Scotland to our place.

I was so touched by the effort they made to spent the day with us.
It just made the day extra special!

Lunch was a simple fare of Mediterranean and MiddleEastern cuisine
Peasant food, some would say
but peasant food has become quite fashionable nowadays
so, who's to say...

Mariam's Tandoori Chicken

The Cake!

Dzia's Almond Butter cake

Dzia made these Pineapple Tarts especially for me
I simply adore them
and these are the bee's knees!


  1. Happy Birthday Kak Muna! semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan diberikan kesihatan yang berpanjangan.
    ps: That fondant cake looks good.

    YourSilentReaderSince5YearsAgo :)

    1. salam Saya Best
      aww... you are so sweet. Thank you for all the kind words
      and thank you for being part of my blog life for the last 5 years