Saturday, 13 August 2016

Far Flung Friends

During our lives living abroad
friends come and go throughout
Once in a while, we get the chance to meet up again
and most often, the friendship takes off again
 as if we were never apart

MissC who was away for almost 4 years
came to visit
and in true MissC fashion
it was hours of howling, rolling on the floor laughter all 'round

A couple of days later, MissD came to visit 
on her short stop to Aberdeen
so, more hours of laughter, reminiscing
about songs and movies of old
and everything in between

Since Kak Long requested for a kampung-style lunch
we had,
Cecilia's Rebung Masak Ikan Masin Bersantan
Ayu's Sambal Belacan
Dabai Masin
Ulam Pegaga and Kacang Botol
My contributions were
Pajeri Nenas Tok
Masak Lemak ChiliPadi Telur Itik dan Umbut Kelapa
Ayam Goreng Kunyit dan Ubi Kentang 
Kerabu Timun 

And for dessert, I made Kuih Bakar Pandan


  1. Tak terfikir di kotak fikiran saya yang umbut juga boleh didapati di luar negara kak oii...hebat....sedap-sedap makanannya.

    1. memang hebat kan. Lupa pula nak simpan tin umbut tu.
      actually, the supermarket kat sini banyak stocked up barang makanan sebegitu,
      you just have to spend time looking, I guess