Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Live in the Moment

Five days into the new year.

Things are slowly returning to normalcy;
Elsa's back in school and MrD's back at work
It's left to me, Lolita and the ducks to hold down the fort
Not the most reliable bunch!

It was a busy three-weeks
I love being busy
I was gardening right up to the week before Christmas
The weather was THAT mild!

We didn't have a white Christmas
but rather a white-ish Boxing day
It lasted a day and a bit...

So it was new year's day five days ago
I can't say I will miss 2016
annus horribilis
a year of many reckless decisions, deaths and misfortunes
Let's hope the coming year would be a good one!
I'm not sure about you,
I'm not one for making new year's resolutions 
I believe in making them whenever
Maybe I'll start tomorrow....

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