Friday, 3 March 2017

Garden Updates - Not Quite Spring


  1. Salam kak Muna,
    sunny then rainy down south. But some plants starts sprouting shoots..some cherry blossom flower already blossoming since 2 weeks ago. Strangely...
    The ones on our street still street away all in april.
    Hopefully no damage caused by Doris in your area.

    1. salam Nor,
      Doris singgah sekejap saja, tak sempat nak minum kopi dia dah beredar ☺
      Yup, no signs of spring in my garden just yet, not even snowdrops... very frustrating. Some areas, like you said, dah ada cherry bloossoms and daffodils.
      Nevermind, maybe my garden would burst out all at once... here's hoping, dah tak sabaq dah ☺

  2. Salam kak Muna,
    Try plant Cornus Midwinter Fire - Winter Beauty Dogwood .. and cornus alba around your compound perimetre. Come winter it will bring the colour to yr landscape.
    Good time if you plant now.the redness of the branches /stalks during autumn and winter are just unbelievably great. Google la on internet.. when it covers in snow..chantekkk..

    Acers sangokaku acers palmatum... also nice at focal points. Infact all acers.. red momiji..

    Winter tapi kalau adanrumpun cornus alba... it gives cheery mood rather bleak grey canvas in winter.
    Take care..


    1. Salam Nor,
      Fabulous ideas!! Will look them up. Thank you <3