Monday, 20 March 2017

Hello Spring!

It's the Vernal Equinox
my favourite time of the year
from today onward, daylight will gradually becomes longer
and winter is officially banished for the year

The garden is still quite bare
As usual, spring comes a little late to OakenShield
about two weeks late
Anyhow, there's still lots of work to do
and before you know it, I'll be surrounded by colours again


  1. Salam sis,
    Nice place you have should get some edible ikan like trout fingerling and letak dalam kolam. Also some others like carp now it is spring. Trout does not require deep pond.. by the time 9 months it will be good size.
    Now i have to stopped eating salmon and sea bass as it mainly farmed. I have allergy skin rashes... apparently they overfed with unnatural things that is not the right feed for these.
    So i stick to pollock, mack,cod, haddock etc.
    Maybe soon silap hari kena jadi vegetarian๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ..
    Anyway really kak muna you can letak fingerlings and also to keep the water from overly breeding weeds due to a lot of sun, please go to waterworld website get a barley powder and also barley jerami and tie inside an old tights and sink it inside the pond. Buat few. And in summer it wouldnt be that greeny with weed.. and looks crystal clear ish.
    Also you can order carps, fish doctor and some others that you fancy from breeder online.
    I had a fibreglass pond only and barley help a lot on that. Anyway those ikan mentioned above are lasak fish..too..
    I used to letak the fishes above and koi, they grow very fast and winter you only feed once a every few days..

    Anyway just an idea...since you have a very nice set up...hehe

    Since we moved back to central ..we going to do small fibre glass pond only... under a roofed gazebo. Small only.. lepaskan gian. Can't have too large due to space..apa boleh buat I'm citygirl at heart.. duduk jauh aja felt life by passes me,tak convenience la too quiet la dudukla central alhamdullillah....hehhe..
    So kecik ajalah kolamnya...
    Kucing also indoor. Our strays residence community outside one being mauled by foxy outside at night.

    Anyway still you have nice garden... and pond and lola.

    Anyway have a good day...


    1. Salam Nor,

      That's a great idea indeed.
      We had a few carps and kois put in a few years back but unfortunately MrHeron had made a great feast of them. Sakit hati betul bila jumpa sisik ikan by the pond. Those fishes were fully grown already. Kenyang betul MrHeron haritu, semoga sakit perut makan ikan tak halal :D

      Those green stuff in the water are not weeds but aerator plant gone crazy, courtesy of the previous owner yang letak that super-invasive plant. Can't really do much, just try to thin them down every now and then.. very good workout, tak payah join the gym :D

      Oh dear, kesian nya kena mauled by the fox... our neighbour's sheep was killed by some dogs, some months ago... to the dogs, it was like a game! Very upsetting!

      Enjoy you spring weather (and flowers!)


    I pakai yang ini aja:

    less maintainance I hope..

    take care



    Kak Muna type Artic winter dogwood images .. you will see nice colour stalk in winter snow and bleak winter..background..