Wednesday, 15 March 2017

OakenShield is Four

I just can't believe it...
It was four years ago to the day that we made the commitment
to buy this bit of land to call our own.

There's been a lot of hard work and a lot of hard graft, 
but not too much planning - I'm a live for the day sort of person.
It's been fun and will continue to be...
No regrets 


  1. The gravels around then compound produces different outlook in terms of space due to the brightness of the gravels. It also works as a good door bell for the house perimetre. One would be able to hear walking in the stillness of the night and on anyday for that matter for footsteps and vehicle that all vehicles engine are on whisper mode.
    My friend in Wales told me they hardly lock their door during day time...erkkk.try this in surrey.. sure house empty...

    Have a good spring...

    Acers plant yellow or red are nice..

    Have a go akak.



    1. salam Nor,
      true that, I could leave the doors unlock but why would I... better safe than sorry :)