Monday, 24 April 2017


I wanted something special for our anniversary ~
not a fabulous holiday destination
or a designer handbag
not even a pair of shoes with the signature red soles
or jewellery....

I wanted a tree
three trees, actually
one for every decade we've been married
three, to symbolise our family
and just so you know, three is also my favourite number

But it can't be just any tree...
It has to be a special tree
one that I've so admire for the longest time
It has to be the Himalayan Birch
with its pure white bark

So I got my wish
and I'm as happy as Larry

They are beautiful in their peace, 
they are wise in their silence. 
They will stand after we are dust. 


  1. Oh salam kak muna,
    Nice ..birch ...then next year early spring can take some sap from the tree. And drink that. Good for beauty...

    Raiin rajin jirus air from now so root settle quickly.
    For your anibeseri .... i dedicated the pink bark acers..from afar...

    Anyway nice plant..

  2. Wonder you got the sudden frost this week?? Sini sejuk aja but ok lah..

    1. So far no out of season frost here, thank goodness 😅 But it has been quite a windy year!