Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Garden Updates - Alpines and Succulents

How to create an alpine and succulents rockeries
in a wire basket

  • Line the basket with moss or coconut planter liner
  • Half fill the container with compost - I'm using  John Innes No3 soil-based compost. 
  • Add plenty of grit or sand to the soil to keep it open and free-draining
  • Arrange the plants -  the tallest ones should go in the centre or back of the container. 
  • Gently add soil around the plants whilst pushing them firmly into place
  • Water the plants

Sedum kamtscaticum Variegatum 
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium
Rhodanthemum Casablanca
Ajuga Braunherz

 Don't throw away broken pots...
turn them into mini rockeries!

Alpines are generally native to rocky soils and sunny locations. 
You can exploit their natural requirements sucessfully in containers. 
They are also very drought tolerant, so they are ideal for rock gardens 
or for planting in cracks between paving or walls.

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