Sunday, 4 June 2017

My Garden Updates - Late Spring Overview

After seemingly years of slogging in the garden,
this year I find less and less things to do
just a lot of maintenance works i.e weeding, spraying of pesticide, 
mulching, fertilising, mowing... you know - the boring stuff!

As with everything else,
I garden by instinct.
I learn best by making mistakes.
My plants get moved around quite often 
- they either live or they die
But I've been lucky (so far) they've not been any tragic losses
Perhaps I'm a natural gardener
I like that....


  1. Subhanallah so beautifully planted and grown

  2. Salam kak muna..
    Very nice. Selamat berpuasa. Anyway...kenapa tak pakai weed fabric? Lepas tabur chipbark. Lagi senang..kurang weeding...
    One notice the gravels around the compound gives different reflection..looks brighter.
    Also helps if vehicle approaching and footstep sound.

    1. salam syawal G
      hahaha... some weeds boleh tembus the thick black weed fabric, punyalah power!!! :)
      teah, you're right on the subject of the gravels, memang payah "penceroboh" nak "surprise" us.... dari jauh dah dengaq depa mai :)

  3. You have done a great job Muna. You are a natural. Your garden and house should be featured in a magazine! Do you do airbnb?

    1. awww... thanks darling ♥
      we're seriously considering the airbnb at the moment... will keep you updated ☺