Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Elsa's Graduation

Hi, it's Elsa here to write about graduation!

For us, grad week starting from July 17th but mine was 
conveniently scheduled for the middle of the week, 
giving us enough time to travel back to Exeter 
and get our things together.

To be honest, the thought of graduation did make me a little nervous, 
so I found it hard to focus for the few days prior. 
However, it was great having my parents come down to 
Exeter with their endless support!

We had to reach the Forum by around 9am to pick up our graduation robes, 
but by the time it hit 11am, the street was basically packed. 
There were so many families waiting for our ceremony to start, 
as well as a bunch of students in my course that I was pretty sure I'd never seen before.

I was a lot more excited around this time than I was before, 
which I think was down to seeing so many of my friends again after a month.

 The actual graduation hall itself was incredible - 
the university had set out seats for all important figures up on the stage 
and we were organized by name into our respective rows.

And then it was finally over!

Graduation was an amazing experience and really affirmed the fact that
I was done with another chapter in life.
Looking back, I've had some of the best three years of my life
and I'm eternally grateful to my family for continuously supporting me throughout -
I can't wait to see what else is in store!