Friday, 28 July 2017

My Exeter

Hello again everyone, it's Elsa.

Today, I thought I would reminisce on the place 
that I called home for the past 3 years - Exeter.
I experienced a lot, from living on my own for the first time 
to having to buy groceries for myself (and cooking/cleaning).

I'll definitely miss the High Street with all its stores and restaurants 
within walking distance from the house.

The cathedral is another part of Exeter that I'll miss - 
I had a lot of great memories here, like eating ice cream on the green, 
setting up picnics, and trying out the famous cream scones.

Unfortunately in my years here, I barely went down to the Quay 
but it was such a beautiful spot to explore. 
I remember eating pizzas by the riverside, watching families rent kayaks 
so they could paddle up and down the length of the river.

Finally, it's time for me to say goodbye to campus.

I've spent the most time here attending lectures, workshops, 
and the like (including pulling in all-nighters in the library with friends ahead of a deadline). 
While I was doing it, I didn't think I'd look back and miss it in any way, but I think I will.

Not only will I be finished with my undergrad studies 
but I'll also miss the social aspect of the university, 
like being on committee for Asian Society, joining in on fundraising and cultural events, 
and meeting so many wonderful people along the way.

Thanks Exeter, you'll be missed!

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