Thursday, 17 August 2017

Out and About - Clovelly Village

There's nothing like spending the summer
going on a road trip around Devon's beautiful countryside.

 One of our holiday destinations was this beautiful village of Clovelly
We've been wanting to visit this village ever since it was featured 
on TV a couple of years ago.
And we finally had our chance!

Clovelly is set on a steep hillside on the coast of North Devon.
Cars are not permitted into the village.
To get to the village, you will have to park your car at the top of the hill
 and make your way down the steep, cobbled path by foot.

We had the weather on our side; everything seemed to sparkle in the sun
It was glorious!

Rows of traditional whitewashed cottages lined the street all the way down to the harbour

A word of advice - proper footwear is important - 
those cobblestones are not to easy to walk on...
I should know; I'm speaking from experience!

View of the sea, Clovelly's habour and its shingle beach 

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