Saturday, 23 September 2017

Out And About - Huntly

That is it for us this year
summer's over before we know it!
Summer this year has been a pretty washed out event.
It rained almost every other day.
So on this untypically sunny and cloudless day, 
we had to make the best of it by venturing into some unknown territory - 
well, not really... it's just a neat little town half an hour away from where we live.
A town called Huntly.
Funny how MrD and I had never made any effort to visit this town (it being quite close and all).
It was not until a friend of mine took me there for one of our walking day trips
that I became aware of this place.
It's a nice town, potentially...
It has beautiful, old and characteristic buildings.
It's obvious the town had a prosperous past...

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