Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My Garden Updates - End of Season Colours

The air is getting chillier and chillier...
That was the topic of the morning as the zumba ladies gather.
Noticeably, everyone of us was sporting extra thick layers of clothing
It's inevitable, summer has left us and the days are getting shorter.

But all is not lost yet,
there are still some colours in the garden.
It is important to keep the garden going as long as I can.
There would have been more blooms if it's not for the after-dark visitors we keep getting.
Bambis and Thumpers are no longer cute when you are trying to keep a garden!
They're everywhere
It's almost impossible to keep them out
My heart sinks every time I check the flower beds
But that's how it is out here...
I can only persevere


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