Thursday, 15 March 2018

OakenShield is Five!

What??!! Only five years???
Seems like we've been here longer than that!
I don't mean it as a bad thing...
it's just that a lot has been done to the house and the garden
through those years that makes me think we've been here longer!

In those five years, we've also gone through many things --
some are good, some not so good...
we experienced a burst pipe in the very first month we moved in, 
we got snowed in twice, 
there was the exploding shower screen episode in the middle of the night, 
my smashed toe, 
the unfortunate incidents of the ducks and the fox....
to name some of the few misadventures we had

It wasn't all bad
In the last five years, Elsa graduated from High School and University,
we hosted the gathering of clan Fadaaq
MrD and I celebrated our 30 year anniversary
and I turned 50!!!!

So, here's to the next five, ten or fifty years (if we're lucky!)
Perhaps, there'll be weddings, a whole new generation...
who's to know what the future holds


  1. Kalaulah rumah ku cantik cam ni, tak de hengen nak pindah mana mana dah. hehehe

    1. Insya Allah... kalau rezeki kat sini, nampak gaya tak pindah lagi lah kot :)